Over Christmas, my Mum decided she wanted us to make a recipe from a Tudor recipe book. We did, and it looked pretty cool so I put it on Facebook.

By popular request, here’s the post for those not on FB! Though actually so far the comments have been good fun (and no-one’s called anyone a Nazi yet, which is pretty good going!)

Post follows…..

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So in a bizarre and macabre twist, Mum decided that all she wanted for Christmas was a chicken lizard.

This being a mediaeval recipe where you bone two chickens, roll them together and fashion a lizard.

Because reasons.


Santa has been kind this year.

Progress pics follow.

You have been warned….




For those wanting the recipe, it goes something like this….

Start with two chickens.

Take off the legs and bone them -apart from the wings (take off the wing tips though)

Sew them breast to breast and wodge a load of stuffing inside (we mixed sausagemeat in it).

Roll the resultant Frankenchicken together over the stuffing – we tied it shut along the length with string.

Line a roasting tin with streaky bacon and put the Frankenchicken on it.

Cook as you would a normal, fairly densely stuffed chicken.

Make tail and neck out of stuffing and cook that.

To lizardify:

When it’s all cooled, dry off the surface of the Frankenchicken.

Assemble the tail and neck and cut a head out of the end of a cucumber (you’ll prob need cocktail sticks to pin it on).

Slice cucumber as thinly as you can (we blanched it for a minute or so to make it floppy).

Spread the Frankenchicken with cream cheese -Philadelphia or similar.

Add the blanched cucumber β€œscales”, feet cut from peppers, back ridge is artichoke in the recipe but we just used olives. And we made a big nasty tongue from a purple carrot.

And there you go! Tell the kids it’s iguana and you’ll freak them out for years!

This is actually based on a Tudor recipe for the top tables. The Lords and Ladies would have had this weird stuff, the run of the mill types would just have had normal chicken.

And how did it taste?

In actual fact it was nice and moist but a bit tasteless. Another time I might use a more interesting stuffing, possibly with caramelised onions, mushrooms, possibly bacon/ garlic/ chili or other spices. Failing that, using salt and pepper Boursin instead of Philly would have added slightly to it, but I quite like the idea of marinading the chicken first. Fajita spice would be epic! But I do love fajitas…

Anyhow, my Mum was very pleased, so it was a good job jobbed.

And in all fairness, not the usual humdrum Christmas dinner…!

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If you want to have a go, it’s pretty easy but we’re going to need your pics below… it’s a lizard-off!!


All the best: