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After much tweakage and work, the cover for the ODS paperback is ready to be unveiled!

The grand reveal will be in two weeks’ time on the weekend of 30th June, and with a bit of luck I’ll have some guest blog spots and maybe the odd freebie to tempt you…

So watch this space while I get back to the final proofing before the text is sent off to be formatted. Paperback here we come! Rah!


Hey all –

I have a really quick question for readers. The first post on this thread explains it and if you have a moment to just let me know your opinion I’d really appreciate it.

Post is here on Goodreads:

and if you’re not a member, do leave your answer here as a comment or mail me on

jaclement [dot] ondarkshores [at] gmail [dot] com.

All feedback greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys: