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SONG OF THE ICE LORD – Last chance at $0.99

Hi all: Quickly- as warned, the price of Song goes up to $2.99 later on today. If you haven’t got it already, get in quick before they process the change! Now gearing up towards LonCon so updates may be sporadic for the moment. If you’re going, let me know! Otherwise, updates will be on the […]

Dear all: Due to a mild disagreement between myself and my computer, the splendidly celebratory blog announcing that Song of the Ice Lord had now gone live…well, it remained in my computer. Unhelpful. I will be giving it a stern speaking to later. But Song is now indeed live, and at the introductory low price of […]

Dear all: Here comes the cover reveal, at long last – but first a couple of bits of info, if I may. 1) Places you can pre-order “Song of the Ice Lord” include: Smashwords  – note – you can read first 20% here RIGHT NOW!! (pbk only, can’t do Kindle pre-orders but CAN sign […]

Hey all!  So – seven days to the release of The Holly & the Ivy, and the countdown continues!  We’re now into the closing stages of the prep and I’m ramping it up, so you won’t see quite so much of me here for the moment. Why not? Well,  I’m writing guest blogs, digging around […]

Hi everyone; It’s been a while hasn’t it? Which as always is not to say that I’ve stopped doing things, just that I’m trying to do everything at once. I found a couple of new groups on Facebook which are full of the most exciting and innovative information on how best to optimise your time […]

I am standing on the seashore….

Hi all: Bit of a surreal day today. Went to a funeral which was held in a natural burial place; not a graveyard, but a very beautiful stretch of woodland sloping down to the sea. There are no grave markers, though you can see the mounds for a few years till the soil settles a […]

Tiny steps….

This weekend we have made a little but significant bit of progress on Wolf series book 1. See? Okay, so it’s one step at a time and there’s a long way to go, but this is always a nice moment in the process of any new book; the bit where I print and bind it […]

Reading Order…

The books and stories available at the moment mostly fit into the same world. If you’re missing any, you can find buy-links on the Buy JAC’s books page. On Dark Shores is the main story strand and stands entire in itself, but the tales in Parallels are set in the same world or with the same characters. In […]

Free ebook anyone?

While I remember: Free copy of The Scarred Artisan if anyone wants one? You sign up to the mailing list to get it but can always unsubscribe later- there’s a link at the bottom of any email that gets sent out. Please note, this is one of the shorts from Song of the Ice Lord so […]


Just a short update: Song of the Ice Lord Cover is done and rather splendid – reveal should be in a couple of days, and hopefully some time in the next week or so pre-orders should be available. Files for the paperback are uploaded and assuming they pass review, the first proof should be ordered […]