Hey all;

Yet another spaceholder I’m afraid but this time news of some progress.

Remember the 80k chunk I had to cut from what was going to be the next Part of the On Dark Shores series? Well, that particular bit of text was cut, not because of any particular flaw but because going back to the events of previous weeks in another country would have completely derailed Nereia’s story. Readers want to know what happened next, not what happened before!

So I cut it; but it has been pointed out that that’s what my Parallels series is for – side stories and back stories and other stories not relevant to the plot of ODS but which the reader may enjoy.

This seeming like good sense to me, I’ve just sent it off to my editor for a brutal scalpelling and hopefully later in the year it should hit the shelves. In the meantime, a little more on another short and it’s back to Bk 3 and on with the Mother’s tale!

Watch this space, peeps- we’re a step nearer!