Hi all:

In memory of indie author L.C.Evans who recently passed away, we’re trying to raise awareness of her books to help offset the medical bills with which her family have been left.

To that end, the Indie View is running a giveaway – if you buy one of L.C’s books, you can have a free copy of one of the books listed, and be entered in the draw to win all 40.

It’s running today, the 24th, and if anyone would like to take part, the link is here:

And if you click on the bit in bold halfway down it should take you to the page where the freebies are listed,

And if you could tweet, FB, blog or otherwise spread the word, you’d be helping to try and ameliorate the circumstances of the loved ones LC left behind. I know she’d appreciate it.

Please have a look – she was an award-winning author so amongst her various books there may well be one you’d be interested in.

Thanks, all: